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Just as the name would imply, TeleMarketer Buster™ is the first software of its kind that will help the end consumer fight back against annoying Telemarketers.

The Federal Government has passed laws to help protect you, the consumer, from being a continual target of Telemarketers. The only way these laws will work to protect you is for you to log all the pertinent information about the Telemarketer and request to be placed on their Do Not Call List. Monthly service plans from the phone companies can not really provide this as they do not log the incoming Telemarketer calls.  Added to this, if you needed to phone your own house from a remote phone, you would be blocked and would have to re-dial after entering a number sequence prior to dialing your home phone!


  • Available for Windows 98, XP, 2000, NT. Will also be available for Linux
  • Captures the following information
    • Telemarketing Company including address and phone numbers
    • Telemarketer phoning including phone numbers, extensions, and email addresses
    • Date, Time, Vendor representing, Product being pitched, Rich Edit Notations
  • Provides follow-up information
    • Actions taken including Letters, standard actions and newly defined actions by you
    • Suits Filed or Pending including dates, times, County filed, Judge and amounts
  • Series of pre-defined reports to display contents of your Database
  • Grid ad-hoc reporting and export to Microsoft Excel and HTML
  • Customizable Toolbars and Sidebars
  • Forms, Toolbars, Tab Folders, and Grids that remember, so you don't waste time re-organizing your workspace and your preferences.

If you would like more detailed information on TeleMarketer Buster, please go to the TeleMarketer Buster Web Site. TeleMarketer Buster will be available for download from this site very soon, so check back here around the end of April 2001 and download your own copy and give it a try.



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TeleMarketer Buster

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