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The most important component to any database application is the tool by which data is retrieved and presented to the actual end-user. ESP has a custom Report Cataloger built around the most powerful, visual reporting tool available today.

The reporting capability of ESP ReportBuilder is unparalleled in the industry, giving you the level of confidence that you will be able to extract critical data from the system with little or no effort.


  • Report Cataloger allows for customized organization of data views and reports already cataloged.

  • Complex queries can be pre-built and cataloged for use by any user wanting to just a quick report.

  • Visual query builder and data table linker along with a visual report designer facilitates fast, inductive report creation.

  • Complex calculations and event handlers can be added to any print event for any report.

  • Report types and wizards include columnar, cross tab, form, and mailing label reports.

  •  Powerful sub-report support for complex master-detail reports.

  • Full support for graphics, barcodes, and rich edit blob data found throughout the ESP Notation blocks.

  • Microsoft Office® style interface makes the design workspace easy to learn.

  • Full drag-and-drop editing in the visual formatter facilitates quick report formatting.

  •  Print reports to any Windows® support printer or save output to Lotus, Quattro, Excel, HTML, XHTML, PDF, RTF, Bitmap, JPEG, and TIFF.



Great-looking reports have never been easier
Regardless of their level of expertise, users can build sophisticated, formatted reports fast with ESP ReportBuilder's default report templates and wizards, including support columnar, cross tab, form, and mailing label formats.  Using these powerful tools along with the ease and familiar interface, you can create a polished report in a matter of minutes.  Then use ESP ReportBuilder's powerful formatting and editing capabilities to create custom, complex reports that meet your specific corporate standards.


Reporting with no equal
Clearly display summary information using ESP ReportBuilder's cross tabs. Layer multiple rows and columns and directly edit or pivot the data as needed. Create multiple value cross tabs, such as a financial report that shows budget, actual costs, and the variance, and place dynamic cross tabs in headers and footers. ESP ReportBuilder even allows you to create reports containing  more than one report format in sub-reports. Show cross tabs in form reports, multiple cross tabs, or any other combination you need to clearly display your information.  Use ESP ReportBuilder's power to calculate derived fields and summary values in your reports, and to apply aggregate functions, such as sum, average, minimum, maximum, count, first, and last. Perform multilevel sorts in ascending or descending order, and sort by value or custom group specifications.


Built in assistance
ESP ReportBuilder’s query wizard will provide the quick building blocks to build the data view with access to each of the primary steps of the wizard after the wizard completes. The report wizard will step you through the various portions of the report including the report type and built in styles for quick report production and productivity. After the report wizard has completed its task, you will have the full visual power to move report items around, add new report items, or delete unnecessary elements as needed. ESP ReportBuilder is simple and intuitive to use, however, its power to construct complex report is unrivaled in today’s offerings.


Details (Grid Reporting)

If you were trying to capture some pertinent information off of one of the forms to say, your printer or to Microsoft Excel® or even send the information in an email or to a web page, but you did not want to take the time to write a report, no problem.  ESP has a built in mechanism to handle this task for you. On any of the grids on any of the forms you can arrange the columns, group and sort them, even select a range of data you are interested in and click the toolbar button for print preview and you would get the grid reporting window shown below. Fast, easy, effortless printing and exporting in a snap!




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