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...The idea is simple enough, but until now we have been somewhat on our own trying to keep track of the things in our life that are important.  Our Relationships, Jobs, Homes, etc., are all things that we strive to get a better handle on, but lack the time, patience or the mechanism to properly manage these important entities in our lives...
Until now!


Personal Trackers

We have all had them and probably still use them.  Pen and Paper or Pencil and Paper in some form or another like a day planner or some sort of filing system whether that be a binder or file cabinet.  But, how convenient is it to find the information and manage it in this form?  How about safety?  If your house were to burn to the ground and everything you had as far as records in your life were in paper that burned in the fire, then where would you be?

All of the important things in your life should be quickly accessible, easy to manage and above all safe.  In addition, in our overly busy lives, if we can save you time as well as your personal records, isn't there a value and peace of mind?  We think so...

Personal Trackers are about safety, security, convenience, and time savings and we could all use a little more free time in our lives and if your record keeping for the important things in your life is better because of Personal Trackers, it could ultimately save you money.  How so?  If you lost your home and possessions due to a natural disaster that we have no control over and your records of your possessions and the improvements have been electronically cataloged, then insurance companies will give you full restitution for all of your losses, that is provided you have the right insurance policy.  But, could you imagine trying to remember everything that you lost much less remembering what changes and improvements you did to your home to provide to the insurance companies, and you know they will want proof, right?

Personal Trackers will change the way you look at your life and how you manage all the things in your life and in the event of a disaster, your life will not be destroyed during time of personal devastation.  Over the next year we will be adding various Personal Trackers that you can add to your computer system to help manage your life more fully and completely.  The first Personal Tracker is for managing your quest for the perfect soul mate. 

Relationship Tracker will help you to identify your perfect life partner no matter how many Online Dating Services you use.  Relationship Tracker will help you keep track of not only the Perfect Partner, but will help you manage everything about that partner, their lives, and their families to give you a clearer picture, more so than any dating service can provide.  You can find out more information on Relationship Tracker at
Journal Tracker...
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Personal Trackers will help you manage your life more clearly to help you make better decisions and manage the things that are important in your life, saving you time and money along the way...




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Personal Trackers




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