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Global Visions Software and New Marketing Relationships - 2008

Spring 2008 - Global Visions Software has announced distribution and marketing relationships with the Protexis, Tiger Direct, and Windows Marketplace with the Addition of PC Club soon. We feel that this arrangement will provide greater visibility and marketability of our products with these new business partners.

Global Visions Software and - 2006

August 2006 - Global Visions Software has entered into a marketing and e-Commerce relationship with for the distribution, marketing, and order point sales for their new product Relationship Tracker. will now provide complete customer fulfillment from the initial trial downloads by the customer through the final purchase and licensing for Relationship Tracker.  We are excited about this relationship and we expect a much better download and purchase experience for our customers.

Relationship Tracker can be downloaded directly from our business partner's site, where you can find a wide variety of software applications for your Business or Personal computer.  Please download your free trial version of Relationship Tracker with the button on the Relationship Tracker Website..

Corporate 2004

Due to a strategic change in preparation for capital investment, Visions Globally replaces the older Global Visions Software.  Keep checking here for additional changes in the corporate change.

Web Changes

If you need to contact us for any reason, please go to the feedback section of our web site and submit a request there and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Corporate - Fall 2003

We are in the process of locating a suitable investors for ESP and RSVP for the business sector and for TeleMarketer Buster, Home Improvement Inventory Manager and Personal Archive Manager for the home based sector.  If you are interested in pursuing an Angel or Venture Capital investment, please email us from our: Investor Relations page.


We have added a new section that is specific to our latest area, HomeFront™. Soon you will start to see the Logo above in certain sections of our web site. This Logo will signify software that is available for home or personal use. Be sure to check out this new area for an upcoming release of software available for the home user.

Spring 2003

In February of 2003 TeleMarketer Buster was awarded a 4 disk award from the editors at Global Shareware. One of the largest and most experienced Internet Software Companies; Global Shareware™ leads with its innovative development in both Software and Internet solutions. Global Shareware™'s versatile range of products caters to all Internet users (professionals, resellers, major corporations, entrepreneurs, and general users) to effectively save time and money on the Internet.

You can find additional information and the Listing for TeleMarketer Buster on Global Shareware's web site.



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