Managing Events




Events, the secondary business problem that this software solves. The management and organization of the variety of events can be daunting, but entirely manageable within the ESP Software. Events can span the serious, with business conference that may include break out sessions to the casual event like a tour of a local landmark. Here are some of the technical highlights and details.


  • Complete Management of Master Events Sub-Events and Facilities.
  • Complete Conference Configuration Including:
    • Room Configurations.
    • Room Equipment.
    • Break-Out Sessions.
    • Speaker Configurations.
  • Hotel/Conference Facility Management
  • Event Attendee Costing/Fees.
  • Host Budget and Expenditures.
  • Sub-Event Management including:
    • Table Seating
    • Golf & Tennis Play
    • Tour Excursions


The other half of ESP deals with the setup and management of the Master Events, and any of the Sub-Events that might be needed to support your event effort. It is a simple process to create a new master event and apply certain settings for its specific characteristics. Once you have entered the initial settings, you can start creating any sub-events that would pertain to the support of your complete special event, conference or training.

Master Events
If a company wanted to hold a 3 day Internal Training Session for their management employees, it would just be a matter of adding the new Master Event with the location and dates. If you choose a conference/training style event, then the Conference Configuration Wizard would step you through the rest of the process collecting the necessary details to build the beginning framework of the event. Once the Wizard is complete, you can fill in the specific details like; room configuration, equipment needs, and speaker assignments.

Hotel/Facility Management
The Facility Management will provide you with the means of managing; conference rooms, sleeping rooms, key personal, and airport destination commute times and transportation methods. This portion of the system is intended to augment any vendor's system already in place.

User Costing
Most any conference or training session that you attend usually has admittance fees for Attendees to take part. The Master Event settings allow you to configure these costs for Attendees and Vendors.

Budgeting and Expenditures
Any company going through the expense of putting on an event would like to keep an eye on their Expenditures for all the different support areas. ESP provides a method of tracking those expenditures for each Master Event allowing a company to evaluate incurred expenses across multiple events.

Table Seating: When your ready to put on the Gala for your attendees the Table Seating Wizard will make your job easy. All you need to do is provide the wizard with enough information and it will create all the necessary configuration files along with adding the event for all the confirmed Attendees. All that's left is to assign each attendee a specific table seating assignment.

Sporting Events: If your attendees or their guests are interested in playing either Golf or Tennis the system allows you to manage it similar to the table seating assignments. In the Golf module, you can assign players to a specific foursome number. The system will even provide the tee times along with shuttle times from the main hotel. With the Tennis module you can have either singles or doubles and assign each player or team specific court times.

Excursions: The Excursions module is best suited to manage any type of Tour or special side trips, that your attendees and their guests may be interested in. Excursions can be a tour of a local museum, a local attraction, or even just a shopping trip to one of the local shopping centers. You will be able to keep track of just a few people or even the largest group with little effort.



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