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ESP™ is intended to provide a very specific solution in helping people manage certain type of events. This product is not a Facility manager, but yet it aids you in the basic needs of managing the facility your event is being held at. This product is not a People manager, but yet it helps you keep track of attendees and attendee guests that are coming to your event. This product is not a Conference manager, however, it will help you schedule various types of events and sessions to help you keep track of your event. Finally, this product will never be an accounting package, as that is not our business and the export capability is virtually unlimited in what you can provide a very good accounting system.


  • Native support for the following Microsoft Windows 32 bit Operating Systems.
    • Windows 9x
    • Windows NT
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows ME, XP (we hope Microsoft doesn't offer yet another OS!)
  • Future versions will Support the Linux Operating using the following User Interfaces.
    • Gnome
    • KDE
  • Familiar Tab Folder Interface used throughout providing the User more information with minimal window swapping.
  • Entire Interface is Customizable including the following
    • Tool and Button Bars
    • Data Presentation Grids
    • Data Inspectors
  • Educational “Cue Card” Help, Hint Balloons, and Advanced CBT Tutorials to aid the Users.
  • A full complement of pre-built Application Reports that provide output for functional needs and informational needs.
  • All Reporting, including Ad-hoc requirements, use the Crystal Reports reporting tool, which is the standard for Client Server reporting.
  • Support for Scanner and Electronic Photography Graphic Imports.
  • Enterprise Version can use the Internet as a Wide Area Network
  • System is only limited by Hardware configuration.


Consolidated Event Management
ESP evolved out of a need for large corporations, Colleges, and large Travel companies to manage their internal as well as external Events. This could include Training Management, Sales Meetings, Black Tie Dinners, Corporate sponsored Conferences, Fund Raising Efforts, and Special Get Togethers.

ESP is segmented into two distinct areas. The management of Attendees and Guests and the management of Events.

The Attendee Registration module covers all the necessary information pertaining to an Attendee and any Guests that they may bring along for the event. The Event/Sub-Event management area is just as the name implies, you create a Master Event outlining the specifics about the overall event and then you add small break-out events like dinners, golf tourneys, tennis tourneys, excursions, educational sessions, and meetings.

Once you have entered an Attendee you can easily attach them to any Master Event and assign any of the sub-events that the Attendee is interested in. The point here is that an Attendee is entered once and they can be mapped to a variety of Master Events. ESP has been designed to take full advantage of the Windows 9x and NT Operating System platform. The user interface is the familiar Tab Style navigation method minimizing window switching to view related information.

A Word on the Interface
A business application is only valuable if the intended user can effectively do their job. We have spent a number of years refining the ESP interface, to the point of what we feel is a winner.

The key word for this product is Customization. Virtually every aspect of ESP can be customized in a way that will best suit the final user. In addition, the form data can be sliced and diced in order to view and drill down to critical information, for fast decision making. The image below gives you somewhat an idea of how you can sort and group data into meaningful information.



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