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The management of people with regards to a specialized event can have a very broad spectrum, as you not only manage the people who are in attendance, you also need to manage the delegation of people needed to actually put on the event. ESP provides you with the ability to not only to fully manage all of your attendees, in addition to managing the people or resources who are needed to help pull the event together. The links at the left will provide you with additional information specific to managing resources and attendees.


  • Complete management and profile of principal attendee with provisions for multiple guests.

  • Extensive sub-event and personal requirements configuration:

    • Flight arrival and departures

    • Attendee special requests

    • Hotel preferences

    • Table seating assignments

    • Golf and tennis play

    • Tour excursions

    • Conference / training management

  • Management and organization of working personal or event resources by resource type, specialty, or skill set.

  • Working resource management and scheduling by task, dates, and times to properly allocate event resources and requirements.

  • Multiple view, customizable entry forms for fast input and retrieval of key data.

  • Customizable data lookup lists providing critical information specific to the immediate user.

  • Powerful ad-hoc reporting and exportation of form grid data to Microsoft Excel® and Access® or into HTML for web publishing.


When you are trying to manage any type of event, it is usually comprised of the event itself and people. People can be categorized into two segments; those who are slated to attend the actual event and those who are considered to be support resources for the specified event. ESP provides you with the ability to manage all the information needed pertaining to the people attending your events along with necessary configuration information for people who are the resources required to make the event successful.

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